Our caring team includes...


Helen Birchenhough

Practice Manager

OPTOMETRISTS are qualified specialists with many years’ experience conducting eye examinations, prescribing and fitting spectacles and contact lenses.  They are also trained to recognise diseases of the eye, as well as general health conditions that affect the eye

Alison Duchezeau


Jenny Harvey

Jane Morrison

Mila Thakrar

Sabrina Wong

Susan Fowler

DISPENSING OPTICIANS give expert advice on various types of lenses and spectacles frames.  They are trained to dispense and fit the most appropriate spectacles after taking into account each patients visual, lifestyle and vocational needs.

Andrew Snelling

Anita Patel


Dave Tomlin

Maryam Youssefi

Uzma Bukhari

RECEPTIONISTS AND CLINICAL  ASSISTANTS aid in the patient journey, from helping you book your appointment to carrying out pre-screening tests, taking OCT and retinal images, teaching correct contact lens handling and helping with spectacle frame selection.

Angie King

Shirley McCormack

Jack Sephton

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